It is assumed that one Artist is the same as a small company. Artist is a small manufacturer but also a consumer with all his needs. To survive he or she must constantly create and produce in order to make a profit. The moment when the income appears, commitment to the community begins, and it consists of various taxes and duties. These taxes and duties are determined by local laws within the territory where the Artist lives and creates. Sometimes it can be very difficult and unworkable for one Artist and then there is a problem.

In order for the artist to earn enough to meet all his obligations, and to keep enough for his personal needs, he needs quality marketing placement of his products or services. The more qualitative offer on the market, the Artist is better engaged and earns more. There is an important legal relationship with customers and buyers, regardless of whether it is a one-time, short-term or long-term engagement, which should be professionally designed to ensure that all contracting parties feel comfortable and protected.

Being a successful Artist requires the engagement of a team of people who will be in charge of management, marketing, production and placement. It is precisely the job that deals with New Art Media Ltd. It is our task to relieve the artist of all the affairs other than the creation of Art. Everything what you need you may find pressing right side menu button FOR ARTISTS.


If you want to organize a party, event, fair, open a club, a cabaret or a teatre, arrange an exhibition, decorate an interior or exterior, Artists are needed as key performers. Your wishes are unlimited but are always limited by your budget. To fit in your ability, without making a mistake and not making a bad choice, we are ready to offer you Artists from our database who are pre-tested, experienced and legally associated with us. In this way, your funds are safe, all rights and obligations are stipulated in the contract and you get exactly what you want. We can arrange our Artists’ engagement on a one-time, short-term, seasonal or long-term basis.

Everything what you need you may find pressing right side menu button LOOKING FOR ARTISTS.


We have already mentioned that our task is professionally focused on management, marketing and production. To make our Artists more creative and successful, certain resources are needed. These assets can be in things, rights and money.

New Art Media Ltd. is, among other things, a producer and co-producer of some of the events, and is open to such negotiations for sponsorship. Since most of these events are musical, there is interest in sponsors investing in music events. Please press right side menu button CORPORATE for further information.


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